NEWS: New Line-up Additions To Brutal Assault 2018

I personally love to see a line-up grow; it always teases me when I see who’s coming, and how it’s taking shape. Although it looks like a very death metal-laden line-up so far, there are some interesting acts announced for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival! We already reported on the first three waves, so if you missed them click here (first wave), (second wave), (third wave).

New on the line-up:

Speaking of new bands, one of the most interesting acts might be the French metal giants in Gojira. The legends in Suicidal Tendencies will be performing too, as well as the true keepers of the faith, Terror. Belgian black metalers Wiegedood might be a strong contender among the late-night acts, while Testament and Municipal Waste will deliver some thrash to the masses. Other confirmed acts are as follows: Pain, Angelmaker, Act Of Defiance, Armored Saint, Brujeria, Azarath, Dragged Into Sunlight, Graveyard and Integrity.

Also playing:

The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, At The Gates, IhsahnDead Congregation, Carpathian Forest, Korokuma, Obscure Sphinx, Novembers Doom, Pestilence, Pillorian, Protector, Misery Index, Sadistic Intent, Hirax, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Ministry, Northlane, Counterparts, Hate, Dying Fetus, Nasty,  Saint Vitus, Blood Incantation, Origin, Broken Hope, Aluk Todolo, Whoredom Fire, Celeste, Dodecahedron, Exhorder, Full Of Hell, Grave Pleasures, Paradise Lost, Plini, Neocaesar, Nocturnus Ad, Unleashed, Unsane and Pertubator.

As you might see, the line-up is pretty big and diverse already! The festival announced up to 130 bands on five stages. This is a lot, and due to its diversity Brutal Assault truly appears to be for everyone. If you are into death metal, you might enjoy this even more! Let’s see which bands will be announced in future!

Tickets are on sale on their website. Make sure to follow Brutal Assault on Facebook, as well as to watch our page to not miss any updates and news regarding the line-up! Let us know which acts are most interesting for you and which ones don’t you want to see. Write about it in the comments!

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