News: Beyond Creation lose Bassist

It was recently announced that Beyond Creation bassist Dominic LaPointe has left the band due to undisclosed personal reasons. The band will continue without him, and according to singer/guitarist Simon Girard, the band will not lose any music footing because LaPointe was never a composer for writer for the band.

Girard’s statement read:

“Hi everyone, Simon here.
I would like to clarify some information about the fact that Dominic will no longer be part of the band. We know that Dominic’s contribution to Beyond Creation was a big inspiration for many of you and we can definitely say that he is an incredible bass player with a lot of skills and groove. But for some personal reasons, there was a decision to take and this does not mean that Beyond Creation stops with it.

I have composed all the music and lyrics on both albums and a big part of the arrangement ideas but each musician wrote their own arrangements and solos to put their feels on it. I also manage the business and the booking for the band and I have the chance to work and play with Kevin and Philippe that are incredibly talented musicians. I’ve started the band with high ambitions and dreams, and none of that has or will change…. This is only the beginning of a long career for Beyond Creation.
We are all looking at the same goals and we will definitely continue to play, tour and record music for a long time.

Do not worry, we will make sure to have a new bassist able to play and compose high quality arrangements , just like Dom has for our 2 current albums.

Dominic still our good friend and we know he will continue to shred the bass with his other bands and future projects.
We have big tours announcement coming soon and a lot of good things on the way so thanks to all of you for your support and we hope to see you on the road.”

As you can see, the band will not suffer at his loss, only mourn at the departure of a very talented musician, best of luck to Dominic LaPointe in his future endeavors.

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