NEWS: Beyond Infinity And Methiums Release Split EP

The Indonesian djentlemen in Beyond Infinity and Methiums released a full instrumental split EP entitled Methiums // Beyond Infinity. This collaboration includes four tracks in total, two from each artist, and clocks in at around the 18 minute mark. You can expect to hear a lot of spacey, guitar driven, super polished instrumental djent on this release.

We’ve covered both Methiums and Beyond Infinity extensively in the past and dug their individual offerings, but this split is a nice change in pace and a great way to start the new year. Splits are becoming more common in the progressive/djent scene and hopefully more bands will consider collaborating in the future.

Methiums // Beyond Infinity is now available on Bandcamp and will be on iTunes and Spotify in the near future. You can follow and keep up with Beyond Infinity and Methiums on Facebook.

Check out the full split EP and track list below:


1. Methiums – The Undone 00:00

2. Beyond Infinity – Lucerna 04:53

3. Methiums – Clouds Inside 09:29

4. Beyond Infinity – Dreamverse 13:50

Mix & mastered by Arya Akbara

Artwork by Baryeri Enggarnadi

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