NEWS: Black Peaks Drop New Song, “Hope”

British post-hardcore outfit Black Peaks has come forth with a new track called “Home”, as well as the announcement for their new album, All That Divides!. It will come out on the 5th of October, which is sad news for everyone who hoped we would already get our hands on it this summer. With “Hope”, the band teases their unique blend of post-hardcore, math rock, and southern rock once again.

The track starts with a cathartic atmosphere, created by slightly raspy vocals and a moody clean guitar, that will rise through sludgy distortion to a violent apathy. Pummeling drums, palm-muted riffs, and droning high strings take the listener into a different mindset, where home is just an abstract concept you could lose or be forced out of at any moment. As the verse starts, the clean vocals kick in and the song transforms into an indie rock hit that shortly after collapses again under the guttural screams and abrasive instrumentation. This plays back and forth until after the breakdown, when we get introduced to a new sound. The distortion and deep-hitting drums make room for a post-punk atmosphere with chorus-laden guitars, half-screamed vocals, and catchy drumming before being flooded by the apathetic sludge one last time.

What did you think of this new Black Peaks track? Let us know in the comments! You can follow Black Peaks on Facebook. All That Divides! can be pre-ordered here.

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