NEWS: Blood Music Details New Hollywood Burns Album

So, remember when emerging cinematic synthwave artist Hollywood Burns signed to Blood Music late last year and teased an album for 2018? Well, we are now learning the first few details of that album! It is called Invaders (just as the October video teaser for the album implied, embedded below), and it drops on April 13! And look at that cover art by View From The Coffin! Very dark, very sinister, very Blood Music, but also keeping with the classical alien/science fiction aesthetic. I love it. No pre-order information yet, but that is soon to come, I’m sure.

Our pals at Blood Music have some bold words in anticipation of the debut album:

Perfectly melding the spirit of 1950s radio dramas and classic sci-fi films with 80s electro, 70s funk and disco, and wrapping the entire package in astounding orchestral arrangements; Invaders is perhaps one of the best electronic debut albums of all-time. With huge nods towards Giorgio MoroderBernard Herrmann (“The Day the Earth Stood Still,” “Psycho,” “North by Northwest”), Jerry Goldsmith (“Gremlins”, “Alien”), and Danny Elfman … Hollywood Burns provides the perfect link between cinema soundtrack nostalgia and classic dance.

He is definitely one of the most interesting artists in the genre going right now; listening to his First Contact EP is enough proof of that. His doubling down on the sci-fi aesthetic of movie soundtracks of yore with the use of theremin and a campy horror mood make him a standout in a bloated genre. It’s well-known that Blood Music have become famously forward-thinking when it comes to working with artists in the genre, having cornered the market on excellent synthwave artists with a roster including Perturbator, Dan Terminus and GosT.

Anyway, I could go on forever, but I’ll save my words for when we hear the next piece of music from Hollywood Burns. Until then, we have the same short teaser to work with:

Hollywood Burns can be followed on Facebook, and go check out the First Contact EP on Bandcamp as well! Keep your eye on Blood Music’s Facebook for more information on him and other great artists.

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