NEWS: Born Of Osiris Release “Glorious Day” And Announce The Eternal Reign Release Date


After re-signing with Sumerian Records (read more here), Chicago based pyramid proggers Born Of Osiris announced the 10 year anniversary tour of their very first record The New Reign (read more here). Everyone who has seen Born Of Osiris live knows that the band always used to play a lot of songs off of this record. That being said, it looks like the band still enjoys The New Reign, as they rerecorded it in its entirety. But that’s not the whole story! They also included a new song: “Glorious Day”. This song sounds way more like Born Of Osiris‘ older material, combining The New Reign‘s approach with more modern production. In fact, “Glorious Day” is an old song that didn’t make the cut for the original record. Just imagine, The New Reign well-produced, reworked and contemporary sounding.  This might be a double-edged sword, but it will be certainly interesting to hear! Make sure to pre-order The Eternal Reign here. It will be released February 24th. Read Lee McKinney’s statement below.


“We are beyond excited to break the silence on what we’ve been up to this past year. 10 years ago we were seniors in high school in Chicago and spent our spring break recording a record that we had no idea would massively impact our lives. The New Reign was something we all believed in, and for that reason we were all anxious and curious to see how it would be taken.
This past year we decided to re-record our debut. I know what you’re thinking…. “they took the album and sent it to someone else to re-mix / re-master and they are going to re-package and re-sell it.” Wrong! We went to the studio, re-recorded the entire thing, changed guitar riffs/drum parts/bass/vocals and even recorded a new song that I wish made it onto the original version 10 years ago. This song “Glorious Day” was made before some of the other songs that made the original recording.
I must say, it’s crazy to still be in our 20’s and be on a 10 year anniversary. I’m so thankful for this… and I must thank the fans for supporting us every step of the way, as well as Sumerian Records for believing in us all of this time.
So to go along with such a monumental occasion, we give you “The New Reign Tour” to go along with this release. We are going to play this record for you now that we as a band and production are better and tighter than ever. Join us, VOLUMES, and some more new friends on what should be one of the most meaningful Born of Osiris tours to date.”
— Lee McKinney

Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen states:

The New Reign was a seminal album for both Born Of Osiris and Sumerian Records. 10 years later, it’ll have a well-deserved rebirth as they have re-created it from scratch. I believe fans, old and new, will be excited to hear these songs come to life re-imagined both musically and production wise.”


Born Of Osiris will be touring from the 17th of February on with support by Volumes, Oceans Ate Alaska, Within The Ruins and Fire From The Gods. Make sure to grab your tickets here!

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