NEWS: Born of Osiris Release New Version of “Abstract Art”

Born of Osiris gained worldwide recognition with the release of The New Reign in 2007. With four full-lengths under their belt since that time, the group is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of their seminal debut by reworking and re-recording it. Entitled The Eternal Reign, the redone record will be out on February 24. “Abstract Art” was a pivotal moment off of The New Reign, and you can hear the new version here:

What do you think? The strides in production are certainly enjoyable, at least to my ears. It’s a unique experience to hear a band that has progressed a great deal revisit old material. From matured vocal performances to incorporation of improved guitar techniques and somewhat less cheesy synths, Born of Osiris‘ growth and origins are both present on this reworking of “Abstract Art”. You can compare it to the original below:

How do you find the differences and similarities? Let us know in the comments.

You can follow Born of Osiris on Facebook. The group is embarking on their The New Reign tour on February 17 until March 19. They will be joined on the roads by VolumesOceans Ate AlaskaWithin The Ruins and Fire From The Gods.

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