NEWS: Between The Buried And Me Hit The Studio This Year

When interviewing Dan Briggs about three weeks ago on their last day of tour with The Devin Townsend Project and Leprous, he told me that the band is currently collecting ideas for a new album. It looks like BTBAM will have a new record out in 2018! Briggs now confirmed in an interview with Ultimate Guitar that the band is hitting studios in August… this year! He explains more in an excerpt below:

“We have studio time booked in August so were just taking our time now to decompress at home and casually write and dig into the ideas we had started before the tour. I think we’ll probably turn it up in April or May.”

The following is taken from our aforementioned interview:

ID: That sounds promising. So are you again working on a concept record?

DB: Yeah, Tommy already came up with one (a concept), which is kinda strange, as it doesn’t happen until the music is there, usually. We are kinda down with it. He doesn’t have bad ideas, he just comes up with things and it’s cool and we play or he changes it. As long as it has enough behind it to write for 70 minutes or so. I mean that’s a lot. So when he has an idea and sits down with it for a while and is like, “Oh no, I am two songs in and I think I’m done,” it can be hard. The Coma one had a lot of layers and depth; with the character going to these different worlds, I think he was like, “Oh let’s probably stretch that out.”

ID: So let’s talk about the future; you are currently about to write for a new BTBAM record?

DB: Yeah, we started sharing demos before this tour, in the last couple of months. We have a lot of good ideas going, and definitely a good foundation to build from. That’s exciting, maybe taking some time to just chill at home for a while after tour and then getting back to it!

Read the full interview here.

That record might be the follow-up for Coma Ecliptic and be another conceptual one as well?! We don’t know yet. In addition to the fact that we are waiting for a Colors 10 year anniversary run, this is brilliant news!

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