NEWS: Caligula’s Horse Share New Single, “Will’s Song”

It’s only been a few short weeks since the Brisbane based progressive alt rock band, Caligula’s Horse, announced their fourth full-length record. In Contact will be hitting store shelves on September 15th, but you can get a taste of what to expect right now! Through Inside Out Music, “Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run)” was dropped earlier today, and it’s more than enough to whet your appetite for what the Australian quintet’s upcoming release has in store. The track is live, and you can give it a listen to here:

“Will’s Song (Let The Colours Run)”

Caligula’s Horse bring some grit and a bit more of their frenetic pace in “Will’s Song”. Sharp sounding guitars, accompanied by energetic drum patterns, open the track before settling into a low, breathy verse. The chorus has all the catchy melodies you’d expect from the band, but with a bit more aggression than their more recent singles. It has a real touch of prog metal throughout, and a guitar solo to boot. The cherry on the cake is the djent heavy outro that has a flash of what made the new TesseracT single so well received. Here’s what guitarist Sam Vallen had to say about the song in their press release:

“‘Will’s Song’ is something special for us. It’s dark and heavy, especially by C Horse standards, but it never feels like a compromise between those traits and the melody and colour we strive for.

This track embodies the possibilities of our new line-up. Josh and Adrian have toured with us for a while now, but ‘Will’s Song’ finally shows what they’re capable of, and how much we’ve all grown as a group through the changes. It’s a massive step forward for Caligula’s Horse.”

If this was enough to satiate any fears of the lineup changes, then you can snag a pre-order for the album through all the usual places. If you’re in Australia this November, you can also catch them on tour. As always, don’t forget to follow their Facebook and keep an eye on It Djents for more news on Caligula’s Horse.

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