NEWS: Cigarettes After Sex Will “Crush” You With Tenderness

You might remember Cigarettes After Sex, the ambient pop project from El Paso, Texas from, oh I don’t know, being awarded a perfect 10/10 score by yours truly or scoring the number two spot on our list of the 33 best records of 2018. Indeed, the four-piece, spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Greg Gonzalez, released one of the finest albums in recent memory with their self-titled full-length, combining lush, intimate soundscapes with the at times abstract and cinematic, at times borderline erotic storytelling of Gonzalez’ lyricism.

And now, only a mere twelve months after dropping what I and others within the It Djents staff believe to be a near-flawless modern masterpiece, Cigarettes After Sex have come forth to delight us all once again with the release of a new single. It is called “Crush”, and you simply have to check it out below, because it is absolutely gorgeous.


…shares a striking aesthetic similarity with the band’s previous material, which I had anticipated and indeed looked forward to. After all, why would you want to change a sound that’s so unique and beautiful? This only serves to cement Cigarettes After Sex‘s status as the one of the most musically consistent and consitently great acts around these days. And would you just listen to that chorus? Wow. It’s stunning, a truly fitting climax to this simplistic but unbelievably enjoyable track. ‘I wanna fuck your love slow/Catch my heart, go swim/Feel your lips crush/Hold you here my loveliest friend‘; these words will likely float around my head for weeks on end now.

I must admit, after multiple listens to “Crush”, I am still every bit as astounded by and excited about Cigarettes After Sex as I was on the day I discovered them. They seemingly exist outside of the constrictions of time and space, floating on clouds of grace and pulchritude. How timeless their sound and aesthetic, how beautifully understated their performance. Sorry, but I can’t stop gushing over them at this point. If this single is a first hint at another record, color me thrilled.

Until we learn more, make sure to follow the band on Facebook. I’ll just keep spinning this single for a while in the meantime.

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