NEWS: Coheed and Cambria Tease New Record in 2018 With Roadrunner Records

It’s time to get excited folks!  The New York sci-fi prog outfit Coheed and Cambria have been making a habit of releasing teasers this year.  Most recently, Coheed and Cambria dropped a rather disturbing teaser video announcing some big news!

In this minute long black and white video, you see a hockey mask being worked on, much like the one made famous by Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th movies.  There is a voiceover throughout the video reciting this cryptic message: “Know now there is no time.  Space, between the Well and unknowing.  Our story starts there.  Well within our future.  Yet far beyond our past.  In a romance between a pair of unheavenly creatures”.  The mask is completely revealed with the words ‘Call Your Mother’ written across it.

The video does not reveal much else, except that their ninth record will be dropping this year.  It will be their first since 2015’s The Color Before The Sun.  Another exciting revelation at the end of the video is that Coheed and Cambria have joined Roadrunner Records.

Earlier this year Coheed and Cambria announced that they will be co-headlining a tour with Taking Back Sunday.  You can see the tour dates here.

You can follow Coheed and Cambria on Facebook, their official website, and now also on the Roadrunner Records site.

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