NEWS: Complexity Announces Two New Bands

We already reported on the first two waves of Complexity fest, announcing acts like SikTh (more on this here) or VOLA (more on this here) in addition of a lot of different interesting bands. Still the lineup is not completed. But here we go with a true banger of a band announcement (if they will appear)! Let’s do a little quiz!

Who could this be?

a) The HAARP Machine
b) Necrophagist
c) The Faceless
d) Jimi Hendrix

Well, it’s not that tough tho. After releasing their high anticipated fourth long player In Becoming A Ghost, we will get The Faceless live on Complexity in 2018! Hence we do not know if this is an exclusive show there might be even more dates! Here is what the lovely pals in Complexity have to say about this short announcement:

Short announcement, two big additions to Complexity Fest 2018: 🕷️ The Faceless, never shy of controversy, but have…

Posted by Complexity on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

As our editor-in-chief Landon reviewed the newest output by The Faceless, here are some of his thoughts on In Becoming A Ghost:

Each of the four releases in The Faceless’ thirteen-year career have a deliberate identity that builds upon previous albums. In Becoming A Ghost is no different. Previous records cemented The Faceless as a force of relentless technicality and conceptual ambition, but In Becoming A Ghost seems less preoccupied with technicality, and more with experimental influences and melody. I have few criticisms for the songs themselves; they seem mostly well-executed and innovative without alienating existing fans. However, the pacing seems somewhat shaky and hurried, especially for a record that took five years to come to fruition. Interludes seem disjointed from surrounding tracks, similar songs are placed together, and the closing third of the record seems anxious to exit our ears. Regardless, The Faceless have crafted a record that is a solid addition to their illustrious career, and adds new elements to their sound while maintaining their sonic identity.

You can read the full review over here! The Complexity lineup now features the following bands:
The Faceless, SikTh, Ulsect, God Mother, Blanck MassVOLA, Oceano, Aversions CrownDisentombCarnifex, Employed To Serve, PoiL & Dodecahedron.

In case you didn’t know beside the big Complexity Fest happening from February 23rd to 24th there are also single shows lined up. For example Oathbreaker or Veil Of Maya will be playing shows on their tour in Haarlem.

Those dates are the following:

17/12 – Oathbreaker / Syndrome
15/3 – Dance Gavin Dance / Veil Of Maya
1/4 – Rolo Tomassi

There are day tickets available! Friday will cost you 20 €’s, while Saturday will make a 35€ bill. Also, the combi ticket is now at 45€, since the early bird-phase is over. Get your tickets here and follow Complexity on Facebook!

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