NEWS: Complexity Fest Lineup Complete

Great news! Complexity is about to happen in only a month!

And this means we got some new names lined up that will tease you until then! Beside the already announced acts we got one of Euroblast’s favourite performances (not only for us, but also the whole audience). German art-prog whatever-core band The Hirsch Effekt that made a fantastic release in Eskapist are going to be the first band recycling at Complexity! Usually they don’t do that, but as they state: „releasing the genius Eskapist this year we couldn’t go around asking them back to Complexity.“ (Hype!)

Also announced have been DHG/Dodheimsgard that are around since the 90s. But also instrumental guitar shredder Sithu Aye or our Danish friends in Cabal, who just got a deal with Long Branch Records (congrats, guys). As you might see Complexity already looks like a place full of friendship and love. It literally is the place to be on the weekend of 23th and 24th February!

The other artists performing are: Toska, Barst, prog deathcore guarantors The Voynich Code, Knalpot, France’s The Dali Thundering Concept, Helium Horse Fly and Chiraw! Click for more information on the first bandwave, as well as on the second wave!

Beside the said artists you will be seeing the following artists to perform Complexity 2018:

SikTh, Carnifex, VOLA, Dodecahedron, Disentomb, Aversions Crown, John Frum, Oceano, Ulsect, Three Trapped Tigers, PoiL, Employed To Serve, Blanck Mass and God Mother! What a lineup! The running order will follow within the next days, as the promoters announced on their Facebook!

Are you going to Complexity fest this year? Let us know in the comments! I personally will probably use the festival’s Saturday to celebrate my 24th birthday, so what are you waiting for? Get there and let’s have a great time!  Get your tickets here and follow Complexity on Facebook!

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