NEWS: The Dali Thundering Concept Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For “Savages”

Good news everyone! The Dalí Thundering Concept are back on the case, and yesterday, they launched a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming album Savages. After touring their debut Eyes Wide Opium and their re-released EP When X Met Y throughout Europe, Dalí went away with the goal to create a truly unique project.

Their new album Savages is a conceptual record which focuses on the questions which come with the current issues faced by humanity, like climate change, political division and such. To bring this idea to life, TDTC have partnered up with CliMates – a think tank on climate change – and the two forces will combine together to put on events to highlight the climate change plight, whilst of course blowing the back of your head out with some ferocious prog metal!

Now the crazy thing is: having released the crowdfunding project on Sunday, 8th October, they are already only 72 Euros away from target at the time of writing this on the 9th! Therefore, anything you pick up now will help the band push out more content, design more merch, and put on more shows to catch them at in the future. With a range of great offers to entice their fans, from T-shirts designed by the band to gig tickets and even lessons with the band members, it’s well worth jumping on.

As for the record? Expect it early-mid next year. The drums are just being recorded, with bass already complete. The band has the funds covered to produce the music, they just need your help to make the project a real success! What can we expect in terms of sound? They have not lost their signature groove, so you’d be safe in expecting more relentless assaults from this album. Dalí have upped their game when it comes to production, too, with live drums being used this time, making a clear break from the programmed drums which featured in both previous releases.

Check out the link below to give your support to the guys! There is an English version available; you can hunt around on the menues for it, or simply run google translate on the page. It Djents will be here with updates on the release program, and we will of course be reviewing the album for you all too!

Crowdfunding link

Check out The Dalí Thundering Concept‘s Facebook for updates on the band!


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