NEWS: Dallas Toler-Wade Leaves Nile After 20 Years

Guitarist and vocalist of the tech-death metal band Nile, Dallas Toler-Wade, has recently left the band after twenty years of contributions to pursue other musical ventures. Toler-Wade came into the band in 1997 just prior the band’s first full release, Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka, and has been a prominent voice within the metal act’s three vocal productions since the release of Black Seeds of Vengeance in 2000. Both founder Karl Sanders and George Kollias gave words of thanks for the musician’s work and dedication to the band in their press release on the band’s Facebook page.

The band has also announced the guitarist/vocalist’s replacement moving forward, calling in the talents of Brian Kingsland. In the same post, the members showed their excitement for the addition of the new member, noting “Not only is he a seriously talented Extreme Metal Guitar Shredder, but he has a great Brutal Metal voice, with a very versatile range”.

The future looks bright for the storied band, with a new album slated for a 2018 release that’s scheduled to be recorded later this year. They will also embark on an American tour in support of their most recent release, What Should Not Be Unearthed, with the prolific thrash-metal band, Overkill. While sobering news, the future prospects should help satiate any fan’s need for more from the band.

You can read the full press release over on their Facebook page, and keep up to date with band news over at their Official Website.

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