NEWS: Dan Terminus Shows The Lighter Side Of Cyberpunk With New Track “Angelus”

Less than 40 days out from the release of his new album Automated Refrains, Dan Terminus shares a new track through his label Blood Music! This one is called “Angelus”, and it shows the calmer, lighter side of the French cyberpunk synth artist’s work. As Blood Music put it, he is ‘probably the only artist ever to make harpsichords cyberpunk‘. Take a listen!


If that’s a harpsichord in there, it’s glitched out almost beyond recognition. Even with a softer approach, this song thumps in all the right places and creates a soundscape as vibrant as the album art. The drums have a lot of force behind them, which is nice to see with this music. We look forward to seeing more and more revealed by Dan Terminus and Blood Music in the coming weeks!

Follow Dan Terminus on Facebook and check out his previous work on BandcampAutomated Refrains is coming November 10, 2017, preorder through Blood Music’s official store and keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information!

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