NEWS: Deadly Circus Fire Premiere New Single And Video

English alternative/progressive metal quartet Deadly Circus Fire released a new single yesterday! It is their first new material since their 2015 sophomore full-length album The Hydra’s Tailor, and also the first song they released with their new vocalist David Pear, who joined the band in July after original singer Adam Grant left almost a year before.

Having performed for the remainder of 2016 as an instrumental three-piece, Save Addario (guitars), Paul Igoe (drums) and Mike Enart (bass) apparently spent the better part of 2017 writing for a new record while searching for a new vocalist; and from those speculative sessions springs the single we have before us, “Shinigami Fall”.

Watch the video for “Shinigami Fall” below!

The song, a massive seven-minute affair, has everything fans of Deadly Circus Fire could wish for: heavy riffs, twistedly melodic sections and a memorable chorus. Highlights are the from-meditative-to explosive middle portions and Pear’s impressive vocal delivery (those high-register vibrato notes are crazy good!). Comparisons to bands like Tool and Rishloo could be drawn, but they are not needed, as DCF have enough individuality to stand out on their own.

In the accompanying music video, we have mostly shots of the band performing, set against a narrative revolving around a woman. The video is obviously well-produced; the shots fit together nicely, and the effects add a lot to the visuals.

Out with the old…

Many fans and supporters of the band (yours truly included) were wondering if Deadly Circus Fire would be able to recoup from the loss of their founding vocalist; it’s never easy to replace the one perceived as the voice/face of a group. Well, you can throw those worries out the window right now, as his replacement not only fits with the band’s sound perfectly, but also brings in his very own style and personality. If “Shinigami Fall” is any indication, Pear will undoubtedly leave a very positive mark on DCF‘s discography with his contributions.

In addition towriting for their as of yet unnamed third record, they will be playing a show alongside Uneven Structure and Voyager at those band’s London stop of the ‘Cooking The Man’ tour. Make sure to follow Deadly Circus Fire on Facebook to stay up to date.

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