NEWS: Deafheaven Release New Song “Honeycomb”

I know that some of you might have waited for this! We finally got a new Deafheaven song!

Three years after releasing their sophomore full-length record New Bermuda, the band shows up with new music again. Having scored one of the most critically acclaimed records of 2013 with 2013’s Sunbather, the band gathered international attention while revolutionizing the whole black metal movement. Sunbather still is one of the most influential works of the whole blackgaze music, combining black metal with major chord work and post rock/shoegaze elements.

New Bermuda then got a lot heavier and darker than Sunbather, which made it very interesting to speculate on which direction the band would head in. Now that we got “Honeycomb”, we finally got an answer! “Honeycomb” is every bit as dark as New Bermuda, while featuring an even more punk-aesthetic in the sound amidst the common Deafheaven vibes, with major scale tremolo guitars. The drum beats also work in a very tried-and-true way, while the overall song, with its twelve minutes of dense songwriting, may remind one of songs like “Dreamhouse” or “Baby Blue”.

Listen for yourself:

Deafheaven – Honeycomb

This is “Honeycomb”, our new song.

Posted by Deafheaven on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The pretty harsh production adds a well-known aesthetic, as does the video, which features a distinct 80s vibe showing scenes of driving around San Francisco. Blast beats, as well as classic rock influences, are drawn into the song structure of “Honeycomb” that somehow still seems to be a very typical song for the style Deafheaven is playing. That being said, “Honeycomb” doesn’t really explore new elements to the band’s musical approach; they simply keep focusing on what they have already proven to maintain masterfully. A post-rockish instrumental part kicks in at 2/3 of the song’s length and will drown you in a dreamy ambiance that is already known from them since the band’s very early Roads To Judah release.

Although it doesn’t sound all that new to the familiar Deafheaven listeners, it might be enjoyed by them very easily nonetheless! “Honeycomb” hints at a new, as of yet unannounced record by Deafheaven that once will without a doubt act in a very heartwarming and heavy-hitting way once again. Anyway, it sounds a little more like Sunbather than New Bermuda, which might satisfy some of you!

What do you expect of the new record, and how did you like “Honeycomb”? Let us know in the comments and follow Deafheaven on Facebook!



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