NEWS: The Dear Hunter Release New Video For “Blame Paradise”

As if it wasn’t good enough that we will get a new The Dear Hunter EP this Friday, here is another little appetizer in form of a music video! “Blame Paradise” gets kinda wild, both musically and within the video! Make sure to read what Casey says about it:

“Blame Paradise”, inspired by a prompt from Chris Lund, is about information overload- the increasingly difficult task of weeding out the nonsense and mistruths we are bombarded with in our every day. We knew if we were to do a video, it would have to take a similar approach to the way it made the viewer feel, and thus, what started as a simple text exchange between Erez and I, attempting to make each other laugh at the increasing ridiculousness of the idea, has turned into this music video.

We first collaborated on the video for “Gloria”. Erez reached out to me with the goal of representing the world within Acts I-V, and after speaking only a handful of times, we found a creative kinship, and have since begun to develop a seemingly endless list of future projects.

With “Blame Paradise”, we are releasing our first venture as co-writers/directors, having developed the project in full, together, from start to finish. As ridiculous as this video may seem, it is truly a labor of love (I stress labor, with us both having amassed hundreds of hours of work in post alone), and it would mean everything to us both if you would share this video with anyone looking to enjoy an entertaining 6 minutes of Tomato and meringue fueled high school space odyssey.

So, have you ever wondered how high school would be like being a tomato? Say no more, just watch the video!

“Blame Paradise”

The song kicks in with some synthies that are reminiscent of an 80’s commercial, while the protagonist, a tomato, is getting ready for school. His everyday school life is shown in his rivalry with antagonist Thad, the stereotypical high school extrovert quarterback who lives in a very mechanic and robotic family. Tomato is being bullied all the time, but finally a mysterious zen master (who’s probably the janitor) teaches our little tomato some special karate powers! At the end something from outer space comes to erase all pupils while telling the audience to stay in school. And although the girl and the tomato are about to kiss, they get eliminated as well.

What. The. Fuck?

This might all sound strange, and yeah, it basically is. The video once again shows how crazy The Dear Hunter can get. The song itself is very catchy and proggy, and stands out with its memorable chorus. Said chorus features a lot of backing vocals that enlighten it in a full, bright light (musically speaking). Fans of The Dear Hunter‘s previous works will enjoy this one a lot!

For all you guys that are into interpreting music and videos: YouTube user hailee newton commented the following investigations:

Easter Eggs: Color Spectrum Albums on Tomato’s wall. His brother is listening to “The Right Wrong”. Biology sign has “All is as it Should Be”. The Biology teacher’s name is “Mr. E” as in “Miss Terry”. Objectives are to “Read Chapter VI” a in Act VI. Then “Read Pages 18->78” as in the song “1878”. The hands on the corner of the board are the album art for the new EP. Thad’s bedroom door has “Der Hunter” backwards. And then, not really Easter Eggs, but the spaceship seems inspired by War of the Worlds, and the ending music and the tomato’s eyes remind me of Thriller.

In case you ever questioned the deepness of the world that Casey Crescenzo is creating, just watch this video again! “All Is As All Should Be” will be released Friday, December 1st. Grab your copy and follow The Dear Hunter Facebookon!

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