NEWS: Destrage Release Playthrough For “Blah Blah”

Here they go again: Italian mathcore-prog band Destrage is back with another guitar playthrough! This time it’s courtesy of guitarist Matteo Di Gioia (who is the most Italian thing in Destrage, according to an interview we did with them earlier this year [read it here]). He absolutely smashes one of the most fun songs off the band’s newest record A Means To No End, “Blah Blah”.

“Blah Blah” is a song that has the groovy, metalcore side of Destrage as well as the bouncy prog attitude, whilst the chorus delivers the kind of nonsense SOAD areknown for with a repetitive ‘blah blah blah’. Anyway, the song is pure fun to listen to, and so is watching Mat playing this song. Even though it looks so easy, it might take some time to learn those riffs; especially when it comes to tapping, Di Gioia truly shows his ability to play guitar.

As our editor in chief, Landon Turlock said about A Means To No End last year:

In A Means To No End, Destrage have crafted one of the most distinct releases of the year. Their SikTh-like scat-fueled delivery, System of A Down-esque quirkiness, Every Time I Die Southern swagger and guitar acrobatics à la Protest The Hero show a rearrangement of impressive elements into a sound that is uniquely theirs.

(Read the full review here)

Right now Destrage might be enjoying the moment and promoting their new record, right after finishing their last tour with Periphery and The Contortionist. As singer Paoplo Colavolpe stated on the future:

We never stop to work on new music, but we are not focussed on a new record at the moment. We already definitely start to speak about it in general, you know. Nothing specific…

Make sure to follow Destrage on Facebook or visit their website and take a listen to A Means To No End if this made you curious!

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