NEWS: Dylan Carlson Of Earth Releases Solo Single

I highly doubt that Dylan Carlson needs much of an introduction, even around these parts; after all, he’s the mastermind, guitarist, vocalist, and sole songwriter behind legendary drone-doom metal progenitor gone post-rock powerhouse Earth. Today, the man released a solo single via experimental record label Sargent House. It’s called “Scorpions In Their Mouths”, and will appear on his upcoming record Conquistador, due out on April 27.

Listen to the song below!

Before we get to the music at hand, can I quickly say how much I adore that album cover? The color scheme and general washed-out aesthetic of the image is simply gorgeous! The significance of the depicted woman (Carlson’s wife Holly) on the other hand might be hidden in the lore of Conquistador, which explores the brutal quest of the American settlers against the Native Americans, so any speculation from my part would be futile I believe.

On to the song itself! “Scorpions In Their Mouths” is an almost six-minute piece, marked by prominent, slow, earthy (pun intended) riffing, drones and a whole lot of hypnotic atmosphere. There isn’t much in terms of dynamics to be found here, but I highly doubt that wasn’t Mr. Carlson’s intention. This first taste of his newest project shows the same minimalist approach to music he has showcased over the past over two decades playing out beautifully once again.

The record was produced by Kurt Ballou (are there any notable musicians this man hasn’t worked with at this point?) and recorded at his God City Studios in a week-long session. Two guest musicians have made a mark on Conquistador as well, namely the wonderful Emma Ruth Rundle (baritone and slide guitar) and the aforementioned Holly Carlson (percussion). Here’s what Carlson himself has to say about this project:

I guess what ties this all together—all my musical projects and my life in general—is the idea of the quest, that search for new horizons and something unnamable and possibly unreachable.

Sounds about right, given that the man has been a trailblazer in alternative music for quite a long time now, never resting on his laurels even for a second! Anyway, you can find the album’s tracklist, as well as the album cover, below.

Conquistador is comprised of the following tracks:

1. Conquistador
2. When The Horses Were Shorn Of Their Hooves
3. And then the Crows Descended
4. Scorpions in their Mouths
5. Reaching the Gulf

As I’ve said earlier, Conquistador will be out on April 27; you can pre-order it here (physical) or here (digital). Make sure to follow Dylan Carlson on his Facebook page to not miss any upcoming news about this album or his tour with the allmighty Sleep.

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