NEWS: The Faceless Plan For August Release

The Faceless have established themselves as a defining group in modern technical and progressive death metal. However, a seemingly endless series of line-up changes amidst other challenges have led the group to have lengthy gaps between their impressive releases. The group debuted their signature sound with Akeldama in 2006, followed by the now classic Planetary Duality in 2008. However, it took another four years before Autotheism‘s release in 2012. Finally, half a decade later, a new The Faceless album appears to be almost complete!

In an interview between Metal Wani and sole permanent member Michael Keene, he revealed that the new record, entitled In Becoming A Ghost, is in its mixing and mastering stages. Transcribed by The PRP, Keene had this to say about the new record: “I would say with very high likelihood August will be the month that it’s coming out.”

The group released a standalone single, “The Spiraling Void”, in late 2015. Though it remains to be seen if that song is indicative of the upcoming record’s sound, Keene hinted this: “It still very much sounds [a The] Faceless album, it’s just even more diverse. And I even went into the writing process with a concept in mind of writing something that had the signature sort of technical death metal sound that was created on Planetary Duality combined with the sound of Autotheism.”

It further sounds as though there will be a ten year anniversary remix and remaster of Planetary Duality. Are you excited for a new The Faceless record? What sound are you hoping for on the new release?

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