NEWS: Fallujah Part Ways With Vocalist Alex Hofmann

Well, this came as a surprise! It looks like Fallujah will have to search for a new vocalist, as their singer and founding member Alex Hofmann decided to move forward, apart from the band! Hofmann, who used to play guitar in the band’s early stages and then changed to the microphone, states:

The reasons for my departure are both complicated and difficult to summarize; but one thing I know now is that in order to begin a new chapter in life, you must inevitably close the previous one.

There are a lot of young musicians stepping down from their bands to go further in their lives. We had the same issue with Adrian in Northlane, who was replaced by Marcus, which was only a win situation for the band. So let’s hope the best for Fallujah as well. Hofmann says:

FALLUJAH is currently on a nonstop skyward trajectory and my departure will not compromise this in the slightest. I love my band mates to death and I will still be involved in a certain respect after my replacement is solidified. I have to also take the time to thank our manager and mentor EJ Johantgen, our A&R Monte Conner and everyone else at Nuclear Blast, Our agents JJ Cassiere and Marco Walzel, Karim at Indiemerch and Florian at Impericon, as well as all the others who’ve ever worked with me behind the scenes keeping this band going.

But no worries, the upcoming tours are saved, as they will have a special guest (who is yet to be announced) filling in for Hofmann. As he continues:

Thank you to our fans for 10 years of wild nights, stage dives, bloody noses, circle pits and hangovers. To my friends in the touring world, I’m not going anywhere, you will all see me around still. My last show with the band will be Bay Area Death Fest in San Francisco, and I cannot think of a better way to go out!

If you’re able to attend this show, this might be your very last chance to dance with Alex! On a side note, the band announced they’ll be searching for a new vocalist as well as starting to write a new album as soon as their tours are over. Make sure to follow Fallujah on Facebook to not miss who’s going to replace Alex, and read the full statement below:

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the departure of our vocalist and friend, Alex Hofmann. A decade-long journey…

Posted by Fallujah on Friday, July 14, 2017

What do you think of this departure? Which vocalist would fit best for Fallujah? Let us know in the comments!

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