NEWS: Fit For An Autopsy Share Guitar Playthrough For “Iron Moon”

The release of Fit For An Autopsy‘s Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell follow-up The Great Collapse is only some days ahead! Now, the band from New Jersey decided to give us a playthrough video for their song “Iron Moon”. Guitarist Tim Howley actually plays this heavy song pretty relaxed, even though it has to be said that it still has a lot of groovy breaks. It might not be the most difficult song to play on the new Fit For An Autopsy record, but Howley truly proves his skill by nailing the short solo section. The video was premiered by our friends in Gear Gods, who also did an interesting interview section with Howley. So, if you want to learn more about his gear, make sure to check it out here!

Just in case you aren’t already stoked enough for the new record, this might get you excited as hell!

‘Songs like “Iron Moon” use shredding, as well as some guitar soloing somewhat comparable to Within The Ruins. This similarity is also to be found in the way the clean vocals work out on this record. […] “Iron Moon” also delivers a more hardcore vibe regarding the style of vocals used. So there definitely is a ‘brutal’ aspect to this new Fit For An Autopsy record.’

The Great Collapse is going to be released this Friday, the 17th of March. You can read our full review over here! Keep your eyes on these guys, this record is most likely one of the best proggy deathcore releases we’ll get in 2017!


The band around producer/songwriter Will Putney recently released a new video for their song “Black Mammoth”, on March 10 to be exact. It is is a heavy one as well, one that will get you pumped. The video itself has a very clear and important meaning (best left for yourselves to figure out), whilst the music intrigues with a Gojira-esque vibe and an attitude comparable to Molotov Solution within the sound.

Make sure to follow Fit For An Autopsy on Facebook! You can pre-order The Great Collapse over here!


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