NEWS: Ghost Unveil New Album Details Along With Single “Rats”

GHOST. ARE. BACK! Who doesn’t like Ghost? Alright, admittedly a good amount of people aren’t fond of them, and that’s okay! Their over-the-top theatrics and deadpan dedication to their gimmick aren’t for everyone, let alone their music, which is a hard-to-pinpoint mixture of the occult, pop rock, and light metal. Today, the mysterious Swedes unveiled their next album called Prequelle. It comes out on June 1 and has some of the gnarliest and grand artwork I’ve seen in a while. Along with that, we also get a taste of the music from the album with the video for “Rats”, the long alluded to and teased track which is also the namesake of their upcoming US tour. Enough talking, let’s watch the video already:

So, for those that haven’t been keeping up with the Ghost mythos, there is, uh…a new singer at the helm, as there is with all new Ghost albums. Here in “Rats”, we see Cardinal Copia fronting the band. This is the first time ever that someone of the ‘Emeritus’ bloodline has not been the frontman and leader of their congregation, but the band assures us that he is ‘fitting in quite nicely‘ on their Facebook.

And boy, is he! “Rats” is a catchy track, focusing on laser-etched melody and precision. We get trademark Ghost hard rock, although it’s a little edgier than usual. They seem to have brought the tinges of progression from their last two albums back to the heaviness of their first, when things were at their darkest and creepiest. Cardinal Copia is as charismatic as any Papa was and more, dancing with glee as he sings lyrics of ruination: ‘the filthy vermin are still coming for your souls‘. Poor, cute rats, they get a bad rep. We are reaching a whole new level of theatrics here,  but I’m sure fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Become part of Cardinal Copia’s flock by liking Ghost on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and checking out their official site where you can find pre-order information for Prequelle as well as their upcoming US tour!

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