NEWS: Glassjaw Release New Single “Shira”, New Album Coming Next Week

It’s true! Years of slow-dripped releases of EPs and even more rumor and speculation have culminated into today, with a new Glassjaw single and a surprise announcement of a new album coming next week on December 1. The New York post-hardcore band’s first album in 15 years will be called Material Control, and you can here the latest from it right now!

This track is meaty. Thick and heavy guitar and bass make for a gritty tone, while Daryl Palumbo’s melodic vocals to carry us to beautiful heights. Another track from this album has been around for a couple years now, which means this isn’t really the first single for Material Control. “New White Extremity” came first and has been performed live along with “Shira” for a while now.

Still, it’s nice to see a new single attached to a new album, which we don’t even have to wait long for! In the last couple years, we’ve seen mostly great returns from bands like Deftones, Eighteen Visions and At the Drive-In, and it’ll be nice to see what Glassjaw bring to the table after all this time away.

The band can be followed on Facebook. Look out for Material Control dropping next week on December 1!

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