NEWS: God Is An Astronaut Announce New Album “Epitaph”

A forerunner of modern instrumental post-rock and ambient music has just announced a brand new album for 2018! Due to be released on April 27th, Epitaph will be God as an Astronaut‘s ninth release and their first on Napalm Records.

A 50 second teaser for the album reveals a lush soundscape and an ethereal video to match, based on the dark and moody cover artwork. It is hard to predict where the album might be heading from this short video, but I am hoping for more thundering drums, huge riffs, ambient soundscapes and the uplifting dynamics that are a signature of this band.

The move to a new record label might also mean some interesting sonic developments. Coupled with a mention in their press release of ‘sadness and melancholy‘ and, in particular, a call out to a ‘change in direction’ and ‘real life tragedies’ being hinted at, I’m expecting something new, fresh and emotional.

Originally formed in 2002, God Is An Astronaut have 7 albums and their last studio release, Helios / Erebus (2015), was well received by fans and the press alike. It looks like the band will also be supporting this album later in 2018. An appearance at Resurrection Fest in Spain from July 11-14 has already been announced.

I’ll be keeping any eye on their Facebook page for any further updates from here on out until the album release. Lots to speculate on while you wait with bated breath. In the meantime, check out their back catalog to get you in the mood. You can pre-order Epitaph here.

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1 Comment

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