NEWS: GosT Details Upcoming Album “Possessor”

We are closer than we realized to GosT‘s new album, Possessor. The Texas darksynth/slasherwave producer revealed the album art (which you hopefully saw before clicking the link to come here), release date and set the tone for the album in a new post on his Facebook page, and from what he says it sounds like an absolute ripper:

Possessor takes the perspective of the evil spirit during an exorcism – using trademark buzzsaw basslines, GosT hacks off the limbs of synthwave and leaves it bleeding in his wake. Marked by the demented sounds of the possessed and the panicked, amplified through blastbeats and utilizing GosT‘s own soothing vocals and tortured, other-worldly screams. This is not an album for the faint of heart.’

GosT explains a bit further by saying it is going to sound like a cross between Anaal Nathrakh and Justice which sounds outrageously awesome. Unfortunately, we don’t have any preorder information for the album or any new tracks yet so we’ll just have to loop the album teaser that was shared way back in October for a few more weeks. The ending of this teaser is so ridiculous…

Possessor is due out on March 23 through Blood Music, and we’ll share any new details as soon as they are available! GosT can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Check out Blood Music’s Bandcamp page to find his recent work, I highly recommend Non Paradisi.

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1 Comment

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