NEWS: GosT Drops Third Track From Upcoming Album, “The Prowler”

Live from the frontlines of Blood Music, we have a new track to share from GosT‘s upcoming album, Possessor! This one is called “The Prowler” and you can listen to it right here, right now:

This is a pretty scaled back track all things considered, a little more akin to GosT‘s earlier stuff, but with a more glitchy feel. Synths skip and skitter all over, while the drums and a separate bright synth melody hold strong and give the song form. It reminds me of some more subtle drum and bass stuff I used to be really into.

The Texas darksynth producer has been giving us a steady feed of material from his new album. As such, part of me wonder how much of the album will sound more reserved like “The Prowler” and how much will be like the synth battering ram that “Garruth” is, with “Beliar” being the middle ground. Regardless, I’m still excited to see what this and other tracks have to offer within the context of Possessor. We don’t have to wait too long, as it comes out on March 23!

You can pre-order Possessor physically through the label’s store right now. GosT can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Check out Blood Music’s Bandcamp page to find more GosT music!

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