NEWS: GosT Releases Music Video For New Track “Beliar”

Hey, it’s David, It Djents‘ resident Blood Music news writer, bringing you more news from the GosT camp! This time, we have a new song called “Beliar” from his upcoming album Possessor, which drops pretty soon on March 23. Take a look at the accompanying music video:

GosT is really doubling down on the concept of possession and exorcism, just like we gathered from previous announcements. The Texas slasherwave artist also makes good on his promise to expand the musical palette that his music is presented through. With “Beliar”, this means blackened blast beats kicking you in the chest as soon as you hit play. The middle of the track is laden with tittering hi-hats and trademark choral- and vocal-mimicking synths. It’s a very anxious and cinematic song, which is accentuated by the visuals of the video which shows a young woman… going through some things. Another strong track from GosT, another reason to wish March 23 was closer than it is!

Possessor is due out on March 23 through Blood Music; you can pre-order it physically through the label’s store! GosT can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Check out Blood Music’s Bandcamp page to find more GosT music; I (still) highly recommend Non Paradisi.

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