NEWS: Gruesome Reveal New Song, “Inhumane”

I’m fairly certain that most of you are familiar with a certain pioneering death metal called Death. They, spearheaded by the legendary Chuck Schuldiner, laid the groundwork for all kinds of styles within the genre they helped to create, and are still revered across the scene. So what if I told you that there was a band paying homage to their signature sound in a way that doesn’t come across as a total rip-off? In case that’s something you’ve been searching for, then lend your ears to Gruesome, based out of Arroyo Grande, California and Miami, Florida. Founded in 2014 as a tribute to the aforementioned act, they released a full-length record and two EPs over their career so far, all taking cues from a particular Death record/era.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, it just so happens that Gruesome released a new single and music video today, namely for the song “Inhumane”, which will appear on the band’s second album Twisted Prayers, due out on June 1 via Relapse Records. Check it out below!


While the video is pretty much straightforward death metal fare with the gratuitous violence and simplistic plot devices, the song it it meant to accompany is anything but. Without wanting to take too much away from your own repeated listens, there are certain elements to “Inhumane” that make it indicative of a slightly more progressive take on death metal. Take the various tempo changes throughout the song or the start-stop section at about 2:23 in as examples, but please do form your own opinion on it.

This makes sense, as Twisted Prayers is said to be modeled after Death‘s Spiritual Healing (hell, even the cover artwork is a testament to that), which marked the band’s move away from the gory brutality of their early material towards a more melodic, refined, and lyrically sophisticated style. In how far Gruesome will follow in their footsteps in that regard only time can tell, but June 1 isn’t too terribly far away, so we’ll get our answer in due time.

Make sure to follow Gruesome on Facebook to not miss out on further singles and possible tours in support of Twisted Prayers! You can pre-order the record here, and give a listen to their earlier stuff over at their Bandcamp page.

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