NEWS: The HAARP Machine Full Band Again?

Oh well, it’s not that we have confirmed news but this time we are investigating a little bit. May I introduce myself, Sherlock… well, no! But it looks like The HAARP Machine is a full band again! As Al Mu’min posted on his Instagram account, we might get some news on this soon. Said post was also shared on The HAARP Machine‘s Facebook page and shows a drumset and Mu’min on guitar, accompanied by an unknown co-guitarist and bassist. First off, it looks like the band is practicing. Practicing for what? Well, maybe a tour? Maybe for recording a new record…

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But another interesting fact is, that there is neither a vocalist nor a microphone. Is it possible that The HAARP Machine are carrying on as an instrumental band? The new song teased by Mu’min in February was instrumental as well. Though there is little information to confirm or deny this speculation, only time will tell if this will be the direction of the group. A little while ago, Mu’min stated that he was searching for UK based people to join him in the band. It really looks like he has found them. After years of inactivity from The HAARP Machine, it seems like we may finally hear something new from the band in 2017.

When in 2013 all of the members of The HAARP Machine, including Mike Semesky (ex-IntervalsOrdinanceRest Among Ruins) and Alex Rüdinger (ex-The FacelessOrdinanceGood Tiger), left the band, Al Mu’min was joined by Chris Barretto (MonumentsPeriphery) alongside two other guest musicians on a tour with Born Of Osiris, Monuments and After The Burial. Since then, not that much has happened. The only record released by The HAARP Machine was 2012’s Disclosure, which promised a prosperous future. Let’s hope for the best on a possible new record!

Can you figure out who the new musicians are? Let us now if you do! What would you think of the band as an instrumental unit?

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