NEWS: Haken Release Playthrough For “1985”


November 21st in 1985, Windows officially presented the Windows 1.0 version on a press conference.
March 31st, the first WrestleMania was held by WWE in New York City.
In 1985 Alexey Pajitnov programmed Tetris.

Feeling old now? Let me tell you that 1985 was 9 years before of my birth! The magnificent movie ‘Back To Future’ was in the cinemas that same year as well. But even if there is no chance to travel back in time, there is definitely a certain nostalgia in the air, as to be found in Haken‘s new playthrough video for their song, you guessed it, “1985”!

The playthrough itself features the instrumental version of the almost ten-minute song off their latest record Affinity, and the video’s aesthetic perfectly reflects the mid-eighties. Replace the guitar and the illusion might have been perfect; the Kiesel Vader 8 isn’t even close to being 32 years old. Anyway, it is a concept that truly works out. As Charlie Griffiths states:

‘For me, the perfect format for an instructional guitar video is VHS. Loading one of those Don Mock, Frank Gambale or Yngwie Malmsteen tapes into the machine was such a magical moment – as it was often the only way you could actually see how those seemingly impossible licks were done! I watched, rewound and re-watched those videos hundreds of times until the tapes were worn out. There’s something about that tactile experience that I really miss, so for this play-through of ‘1985’ from our album ‘Affinity’ it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to those days when everything was in lower resolution, yet somehow seemed more palpable.’

Haken are coming on tour through the UK and the European mainland alingside The Algorithm (oui) and Next To None this month (click here for further information)! They also just released re-issues of their releases Visions and Aquarius (more info here)!

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