NEWS: Harm’s Way Detail New Album Slated for 2018, Drop Brutal Single “Human Carrying Capacity”

Chicago’s Harm’s Way – one of the heaviest bands around, as far as I’m concerned – signed to Metal Blade Records earlier this year, and have since been teasing the existence of their follow-up to 2015’s atomically brutal Rust. Well, they have finally offered concrete details for their next album! It’s called Posthuman, and it’s slated for release on February 9, 2018. Not only that, but they’ve dropped the first single for this album, called “Human Carrying Capacity”, and it is absolutely savage:

Harm’s Way seem intent on pushing their sound forward, incorporating a little more melody and industrial influence this time around. It’s also noticeably more metal, allowing the hardcore and powerviolence elements to be more subtle… if you can call anything about this type of music subtle. In short: this song makes me want to punch planets. James Pligge’s vocals are straight up scary, as usual. The only thing with higher presence than his voice is… well, himself. He’s huge!

As far as the new album is concerned, drummer Chris Mills states, ‘the amount of time we had in creating this record meant we were able to experiment and not have to rush with any aspect of it, and I feel it shows in the end product‘. Thematically, the album’s title is the most telling, the band wanting it to reflect a sense of not being a part of the world anymore. ‘Posthuman to us is about progressing above and beyond the confines of what is considered human, in the physical, psychological, and categorical sense‘, says Mills. Sign me up, I can’t wait to hear more!

You can find out more details about the ten-track album over at Harm’s Way‘s Facebook page. Preorder digitally and physically at Metal Blade’s website!



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