NEWS: The Hirsch Effekt Premiere “INUKSHUK”, New Video

Thought we were done with new singles by now, eh? Well, you were mistaken. German progressive/indie/mathcore three-piece The Hirsch Effekt have just unveiled a new single/video. “INUKSHUK” will be featured on their new album Eskapist, which is due out on August 18 via Long Branch Records. You can watch the half performance shot, half story-driven music video (directed and edited by Marv Endt from Off The Road Studios) below.


…is an anthemic, melancholic mid-tempo rock song with influences from different genres, which is something The Hirsch Effekt have come to be known for (besides their more math-y, chaotic or symphonic stuff, of course). It features electronic elements, the empathic post-hardcore mixture of clean and unclean vocals (especially the singing by vocalist/guitarist Nils Wittrock fits extremely in this song) and layered instrumentation. The driving passages play off the more subdued moments perfectly; dynamics is something the band has down to a tee. Compared to the first single “LIFNEJ”, it’s more straight-forward in nature, but rest assured that the rest of the album will most likely feature even more diversity as well as some seriously heavy tracks.

The accompanying video, in which a man, seemingly lost in the woods, builds himself a house out of grey cement blocks. This references the lyrical content of “INUKSHUK” rather nicely, as one of the main motifs is ‘Stein auf Stein‘ (‘stone upon stone‘). As is usual for The Hirsch Effekt, the lyrics are very open to interpretation. I guess this song’s about some sort of problematic relationship in which both parties neglect the need for compromise, but that’s just my two cents. You can find all the lyrics in the video description on YouTube, maybe you’d like to try and discern their meaning for yourself! Perhaps you’ll need a translator in case you’re not familiar with the German language.

Anyhow, you should follow The Hirsch Effekt on Facebook for upcoming singles and information on tours and similar events. Keep an eye out for their record Eskapist when it drops, it’ll be worth checking out!

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