NEWS: Hollywood Burns Signs To Blood Music, New Album Coming In 2018

Our pals over at Blood Music have announced signing Hollywood Burns, an artist that they themselves say is ‘the most exciting new artist in the darksynth realm in a VERY long time.‘ I’m inclined to agree, given that the artist’s 2016 debut EP, First Contact, was refreshingly different, incorporating a 70s sci-fi, horror and B-movie soundtrack aesthetic to marry to more traditional elements of synthwave. The use of theremin to create that instantly recognizable eerie hum particularly sticks out.

The announcement continues on to say that ‘while guys like Perturbator and Gost are going way left-of-center, those of you that are still looking for dark dance music, there is someone new and ready to take over the [reins]‘. Hollywood Burns‘ new album is slated to drop sometime in 2018, and comes with a teaser that we’ve embedded right here:

It’s a little unclear if ‘Invaders’ is a possible album title, or just a word fitting with the imagery. The song in the teaser is a remastered version of “Came to Annihilate” from the First Contact EP mentioned earlier. We’ll be sure to bring you updated information as Blood Music or the artist releases it!

Hollywood Burns can be followed on Facebook and check out his music on Bandcamp!



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