NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath Release “Abyssal Mouth”

Relax and settle down, take a seat because THIS is the heaviest thing you will be listening to this week! What am I talking about? It’s a new single by Sweden’s heavy weights in Humanity’s Last Breath. This is ridiculously heavy and evil! What are you waiting for?

Clean Vocals!

This song truly stands out with a more chaotic song structure. It features a lot of blast beats, as well as heavy growls and death metal guitar work. BUT: It also features some clean vocals within its chorus! Yes, you read right, there are clean vocals on the new Humanity’s Last Breath. Those clean vocals truly deliver a very depressing mood  and a mysterious vibe. “Abyssal Mouth” might be the most death metal piece that the band, centered around Buster Odeholm, has ever made. Straining away from their deathcore roots, this track sounds way more sharpened and mature, yet not lacking heaviness. Also, there are a lot of hard-hitting grooves here.  This track will appeal to fans of the group, as well as listeners who enjoy BehemothAversions Crown and Lorna Shore.

New Music Soon?

The song was released with a music video showing the band performing. The lighting creates a more silhouetted perspective and so delivers a very detached, haunting feeling. The video is nothing too fancy, but it’s certainly effective. It conjures the same feeling that one might expect from a live show. Looks convincing? Go watch them perform live! This is also the first output since last year’s Detestor EP. Let’s see what the future brings, as Buster has suggested that a new album is on the way.

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