NEWS: Igorrr Releases Tracklist For New Album “Savage Sinusoid”

Oui! After signing a deal with Metal Blade (we reported), French black-metal-trip-hop-breakcore-baroque-electro-chicken-dance composer Gautier Serre, best known for his work under the alias Igorrr, will be releasing a new album called Savage Sinusoid very soon! How soon? We don’t know yet! What we got, however, is its name, and now the full tracklist as well! As you can imagine, Igorrr again came up with some strange-sounding songtitles. But isn’t this what we love and already expected? Savage Sinusoid will be the follow-up for Igorrr’s 2013 record Hallelujah.

Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid setlist:

01 – Viande
02 – ieuD
03 – Houmous
04 – Opus Brain
05 – Problème d’émotion
06 – Spaghetti Forever
07 – Cheval
08 – Apopathodiaphulatophobie
09 – Va te foutre
10 – Robert

This is the artwork, done by Metastazis:


Be honest: Are you able to wait for a song called “Spaghetti Forever”? Or “Apopathodiaphulatophobie”, whatever the hell that is? We can’t! Make sure to follow Igorrr on Facebook, so that you don’t miss any update! What are you waiting for?

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