NEWS: Igorrr Releases Video For “Opus Brain”

Okay, with this, french composer Gautier Serre definitely proved one thing: Igorrr is not only music, it is art! In fact, the video for “Opus Brain” seems to be more cinematic than your normal music video, even more so than the last one for “ieuD” (read more about here). The video for “Opus Brain” shows a contrast between black and white and teases on Serre’s apparent fetish for the era of Baroque, whilst the song itself gives us a mix of heavy guitar riffing, black metal blast beats, dubstep-ish breakcore, neo-classical music with a French Baroque, or in short, the  Igorrr sound.

The video, which you can find below, was done by Garrick J Lauterbach, who really did an insane job! When checking out the cast of this production you might get an idea of how much work it has been.

Also, this is the cover and tracklist for Savage Sinusoid:

01 – Viande
02 – ieuD
03 – Houmous
04 – Opus Brain
05 – Problème d’émotion
06 – Spaghetti Forever
07 – Cheval
08 – Apopathodiaphulatophobie
09 – Va te foutre
10 – Robert
11 – Au Revoir

Honestly, if you are not stoked for Savage Sinusoid now… well there is nothing to add… visit a doctor! The record drops on June 16th, via Metal Blade Records!

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