NEWS: Invent Animate Singer Ben English Quits

As the headline already says, we got some sad news for you, so brace yourselves, fans of Invent Animate. As the band just announced, their singer Ben English is going to part ways with them due to personal reasons, stating that he lost his fire and feels better with being at home at his friends and family, while also being sure about missing the band in the future. This once again shows the negative side about being a professional musician, like the loss of one’s social life while being on road. Given his apparent attachment to the band and his stated reasons for departing, this is a very mature and well thought-out decision by English.

You can find the official statement here:

A new year, and like everything else in life, a new year brings change and growth. I’ve spent the last six years of my…

Posted by Invent Animate on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

About Invent Animate

Ben English was one of Invent Animate‘s founding members. The band itself started in 2011 and released two full length records so far. After the release of Everchanger in 2014, they gained a good reputation and were dealt as a band similar to Northlane. In 2016 the release of Stillworld marked their sophomore output. When looking closely, it might be a two year cycle in which the band puts out new records, so maybe the parting with Ben might leave us with a new record in sight, recorded with a new vocalist. So far the band hasn’t made any statement, apart from what Ben had to say, and thus we don’t have any more information.

We once had the chance to do an interview with Ben; you can take a look at it by clicking here. Also, Stillworld received an overall good critic by our editor Dominik when it was released in 2016. Comparing them to Northlane, August Burns Red and Erra, he had the following to say:

Much to their disadvantage, there is not much that sets Invent, Animate apart from their peers. The songs themselves are obviously well-written and catchy, but ultimately too formulaic for my tastes. On the other hand, every minute of this record oozes the very blood, sweat and tears the band and everyone involved have invested into the making of what can easily be described as their best record so far. The passion and conviction displayed are almost tangible, which bestows a certain aura of honesty and sincerity to the songs so firmly rooted in an at times disingenuous and exploited genre.

You can read the full review here!

How did you enjoy Ben English as a vocalist for Invent Animate? Do you have any ideas on who could fill the void he is leaving? Let us know in the comments! Make sure to follow Invent Animate on Facebook, or do you wanna miss their updates?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. RainKD

    12 January, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    That’s the worst that could happen to Invent Animate. Gonna miss you, Ben. Thanks for all these years!!!

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