NEWS: Iron Reagan And Gatecreeper Announce Split LP

Wow! Who saw this coming? Iron Reagan are teaming up with Gatecreeper for a split LP coming out March 2 on Relapse Records. If that doesn’t make much sense to you, you’re not alone! I am a fan of both bands, though, and as weird as this match-up might be, it’s great to see new music from them so soon after dropping other projects.

Virginia’s Iron Reagan, a side project of Landphil Hall and Tony Foresta (both of Municipal Waste), are heavyweights in the crossover/thrash metal scene. After having released Crossover Ministry, one of the best albums in their genre, not even a full year ago, they return with five fresh tracks. One of them, “Paper Shredder”, can be heard right now. It’s quick and dirty punky thrash, and is now my new anthem for when I’m using the shredder at work (never thought I’d say that, ever).

Gatecreeper, on the other hand, are wonderful death metal up-and-comers from Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. They just recently released their two-song Sweltering Madness EP to follow up their debut LP from 2016, Sonoran Depravation. The band will be bringing three new tracks to this split. With “War Has Begun”, the band sticks to what they’re best at: sand-encrusted, thick and relentless death metal. Definitely a name you want to keep an eye on in the future!

This split LP is produced by the great Kurt Ballou, and is available for preorder physically and digitally through Relapse Records.

Follow Iron Reagan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and check out their Bandcamp for their previous work. You can also follow Gatecreeper on Facebook and Twitter as well as Tumblr, be sure to peep their Bandcamp too.

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