NEWS: Irreversible Mechanism Release Music Video For “Infinite Fields”

Belarusian tech-death outfit Irreversible Mechanism treated us to their first official music video! It’s for the title track of their 2015 LP Infinite Fields, which was released by our good friends in Blood Music. While it’s pretty surprising for a band to release the first music video in promotion of a record two years in, it’s still quite the pleasant surprise. After all, having some accompanying (live) visuals for their mind-bending musicianship is always a good thing.

Watch the video below:

“Infinite Fields”…

…has been out for over two years now, so it’s hardly a big surprise in terms of music. Irreversible Mechanism‘s competence in crafting stellar tech-death material is well-known around these parts of the Internet (at least I hope so), and having a video that shows them having one hell of a time while performing it for an appreciative crowd of fans is very neat. And even though this is ‘only’ a live video, it’s well-executed, with interesting cuts and an engaging performance of the band. Sure, it doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but not every video has to raise the bar to be enjoyable.

The new video also comes with a statement of the band, mostly regarding the prospect of new original material! Here’s what they had to say about this topic:

‘We’re glad to present our first official music video filmed in Moscow during 515 Fest. These days we are in the process of our second LP album recording [wooh!]. Drums and bass sections are already finished and we keep on going with the rest. We’re trying to do our best and hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for all your support and also for ordering our merch (it really helps us to move on).’

Let’s just say that if their new music can keep up with or even surpass Infinite Fields, it’s going to blow most other tech-death releases so far out of the water, they’re going to wonder how the hell they wound up on Titan. Anyway, this is seriously good news, and something to keep your eyes on. Follow Irreversible Mechanism on Facebook to not miss any important updates. Also, you can check out this episode of our winter feature Grim and/or Frostbitten, featuring two of the band’s members, to find out what kind of music they’re into.

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