NEWS: Kardashev Drop Atmospheric New Single

Tempe, Arizona cerebral death metal group Kardashev have been active in the progressive metal scene since their debut EP, Excipio, was released through Subliminal Groove Records in 2013. Comparable to Fallujah, the group have been known to mix low-tuned grooves, ambient textures, melodic leads and blackened death metal intensity. This formula was furthered on their debut full-length record, 2015’s Peripety. Following a biannual production schedule, Kardashev have announced that their new record will be entitled The Almanac, a five track sequel to Excipio. They released their first single for the record, “Between Sea and Sky”, with an accompanying music video:

The new track, spanning nearly seven minutes, is likely Kardashev‘s most melodic, post-rock inspired track to date. Featuring extensive, almost operatic singing over a hypnotic, Stranger Things-esque melodic motif shared by guitar and bass, the anthemic track shifts intermittently into blackened, groovy deathcore moments and howls. The single balances between Fallujah and The Contortionist influences in a captivating way, making for Kardashev‘s most bold, experimental release yet. It will be interesting to determine whether the rest of The Almanac continues in the direction established by the new single.

The music video finds the group performing in a white room (a distinct contrast to most metal videos), with awe-inspiring shots of natural scenery blended in, an approach not so different from previous music video “Lux”. What do you think of the new single?

You can purchase “Between Sea and Sky” on Bandcamp, and follow Kardashev on Facebook and YouTube.

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