NEWS: Last Additions To Complexity Fest

It’s only two more weeks to go until a big happening will take place in Haarlem: on February 23rd and 24th, it’s time for the third ever Complexity Fest! Founded in 2016, the festival gathered a good reputation, and lined up interesting acts such as Ihsahn or Agent Fresco for last year’s edition. Now we got the last three names added to the billing, which already included names like SikTh, VOLA and The Faceless.

*drum roll*

All of the three bands are Dutch, which shows the support that Complexity is giving to promising local artists. First off are Kaoteon, who are about to drop their new record Damnatio Memoriae on February 23rd, and will have Complexity Fest functioning as their official release show. Moreover, if atmospheric and slightly oriental death metal sounds good to you, Gizäh (who consist of members from Divine Sins and Mary Fields) will bring just that to the table, with more on the way in form of an EP to come out this year. The very last addition is IDEK, a young jazzy metal band from Almere.

That being said, the line-up now consists of the following artists:

SikTh, Carnifex, The Faceless, VOLA, Sithu Aye, John Frum, The Hirsch Effekt, Three Trapped Tigers, Disentomb, Aversions Crown, Ulsect, Dodecahedron, Oceano, PoiL, Blanck Mass, Employed To Serve, Barst, Knalpot, The Voynich Code, The Dali Thundering Concept, Helium Horse Fly, Dodheimsgard, Chiraw, God Mother, Cabal, Toska, Gizäh, Kaoteon and IDEK.

Take a look at the full line-up poster:

For further information, go to our article about on the first bandwave, as well as  the second and third wave. I’m ready for Complexity, and will be attending and reporting. Also, I will celebrate my 24th birthday on Complexity’s Saturday (at least after 00:00). Which acts are you most looking forward to and why? Let us know in the comments!

Get your tickets here and follow Complexity on Facebook! Tickets are on sale for only 45€ for both days, and trust me, you won’t see that many interesting acts for such a small amount of money again!

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