NEWS: Leprous Release First Single Off Malina

Oh yeah, we all waited for this! Leprous first single off their upcoming record Malina is finally there! The new record is set to be released on August 25 via InsideOut, so it’s only two more months to go.

“From The Flame” features typical elements of Leprous, such as Einar Solberg’s use of vocalises that are somewhat remminiscent of what happened on The Congregation. Overall, Solberg uses a lot of his high falsetto range, which ends up creating a distinct Agent Fresco feeling, given that singer Arnór Dan Arnarson is using this vocal style quite often as well. The funk-influenced and groovy instrumentals could remind one of said Icelandic band as well, while the synthesizer adds a pretty interesting mood to this depressing yet thoughtful song. Drumming-wise, Baard Kolstad ably demonstrates his genius again by delivering pretty fiddly, progressive grooves and beats.

The song’s overall sound is pretty clean; the guitars only use a little distortion. This comes in handy, though, as it clears up the melodies and fits the raw-sounding vocals in a very positive way. And sorry, Einar doesn’t growl or shout on this one… and neither would he need to! This song definitely is able to compete with songs as “Rewind” or “Third Law” for sure!

Watch the video for “From The Flame” here:

As Solberg stated in an interview with It Djents about Manila:

‘It’s quite different. I mean obviously it’s still Leprous, but the biggest difference might be in the sound. It’s more rock than metal, its more like grit in a way, it’s less nice, and it has more character to the sound. But at the same time it probably sounds bigger than The Congregation. It’s gonna be more atmospheric and larger – like a soundscape. We have way too many songs for the album and haven’t choosen which one to put there, but we are very optimistic. I never felt that good about a new album, than with this one. I think it’s going to be very cool, and there is a new side of Leprous as well, but it’s still Leprous.’

And it still very much is Leprous, albeit with a different approach. If the whole record will be as good as this song, we might go next level with Malina! Also the band will be touring on the new record later this year, with Agent Fresco, Alithia and Astrosaur in tow. More info on this here!

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