NEWS: Leprous Release New Single, “Stuck”

These days, it feels like there’s singles coming out left and right, without giving the avid listener even one small moment to catch a breath. You get a single, you get a single – everyone gets a single! Today, it’s upon Leprous to unveil another piece off their zealously-awaited upcoming album Malina. This new song is called “Stuck”, and clocks in at four minutes and twelve seconds – in its radio edit form, that is. Who knows how long it may actually be? Anyway, you can check out the song and its accompanying music video below, if you’re so inclined.


…possibly represents another step in the band’s transition from an avant-garde extreme metal band to a more mellow yet still intriguing progressive rock act. The song opens with a chord progression which wouldn’t seem out of place on a modern alternative rock record before switching into a more swinging, textured motif. Einar Solberg then lends his instantly recognizable vocal prowess to the hypnotic, repetitive instrumental. He’s working with a lot of self-harmonizing as well as his upper register a lot again; the latter shows especially during the song’s chorus.

Towards the end, “Stuck” changes things up with a few added details. But given that this is, as I mentioned earlier, only the song’s radio edit, it’s absolutely possible that the album version will come up with even more surprising passages and added material. Keeps the suspense high, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s why they opted to release this version first.

In case the first single for Malina (“From The Flame”; you can check it out here) didn’t make your anticipation levels reach critical mass, then this might be the song to do the trick. It’s not heavy by any means, but still a memorable, catchy and detailed slab of modern prog rock. Without going too deep into speculations or premature praise, I think it’s safe to say that Leprous will release at least one of the most interseting records of 2017 with Malina. So make sure to follow the band on Facebook to not miss further updates on singles, tours etc.!

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