NEWS: Letters From The Colony Release Third Single “Galax”

I know that I’m biased. I’ve been jamming Letters From The Colony‘s record Vignette since I got the press copy at early December . Let me tell you: “Galax” is by far my favourite track. If you are not familiar with them you can easily check out their first two singles. “Erasing Contrast” a heavy hitting Meshuggah-ish one and “Terminus”, which draws high influence by Gojira.


Starting with ambient guitar chords the song kicks of with heavy blasts immediately being thrown in. Similar to Humanity’s Last Breath‘s “Abyssal Mouth”, but changing into a very heavy Meshuggah-ish chugging section. If you are into rhythmical complex music you will love the shit out of the song’s very first 30 seconds.  Afterwards it’s heading in prog metalish riffing and blast beats. One might see the BTBAM influence smashed in and building on the following. “Galax” for Johan, guitarist of Letters From The Colony is the song that describes the band’s sound at best, as he stated in a private conversation. It’s heavy, groovy and sounds pretty unique tho the influences are clearly visible at some times.

One of the song’s highlights for sure is the dreamy clean section kicking in at about 3:40 of playtime. This might satisfy each and every fan of instrumental progressive metal music not only due to its catchy sound and groove. The transition into heavier parts reflects the detailed love that Letters From The Colony put into their music. As our editor-in-chief Landon comments in his review:

Letters From The Colony draw on many of the influences that most metal acts we cover do. What sets them apart from the fray are three main factors: songwriting sense, death metal aesthetics, and especially effective production. Through well-crafted songs that explore jazz and ambience alongside mathy technicality and metal intensity, Vignette stands tall. Letters From The Colony do much that their peers and predecessors have already accomplished. However, it says something of the quality of Vignette that I enjoyed every listen thoroughly and looked forward to the next.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to get your copy of Vignette, especially if you are not looking for “just another prog metal band” but one of the most promising newcomers that we will have in 2018! You can pre-order the record over here. Also you should follow the band on FacebookInstagram and TwitterVignette drops on February 16th via Nuclear Blast!

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