NEWS: Lithium Dawn Release First Single From Their Upcoming Album

Great news everyone! Lithium Dawn return to the fray with an excellent new track from their upcoming album Tearing Back The Veil Part II: Awakening. The band themselves have stated it, and it’s evidently clear after just a few seconds of the track that it’s inspired heavily by the mighty Deftones. This is not only in the tones and instrumentation of the song, but in the soft yet powerful vocals of lead singer Ondrej Tvarozek as well. One might even take away some hints of Dan Tompkins too!

Lithium Dawn play a crushing blend of prog metal, with soaring clean vocals complemented by heavily overtuned guitars. They draw influence from reggae music, and also use a lot of synths in their music too, building a soundscape around their music which sets them apart from other bands in the genre.

If you missed it earlier in the year, we had a chat with Lithium Dawn about this upcoming record, their recording process, and their influences too. You can check that out here. When we caught up with them back then, we learnt that they were still working on the album, and were changing their writing processes and exploring different sounds and ideas in their music. This song clearly shows the improvement the band has made: the bass is more present in the mix, and the chugs feel so much more organic than on Tearing Back The Veil Pt I. 

So without further ado, here is their new track, titled “Star Driven Machine”!

The band are looking to release Part II before the end of the year, but no date has been set just yet. In the meantime, check out the first part of this two-album series on their Bandcamp, or even delve further back in time to their first album Aion! Check their Facebook for the date for the new album too.  

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