NEWS: LLNN Release New Track “Armada” In Lead Up To Their New Album

‘Post-apocalyptic hardcore’ is right! Space-age beasts of heaviness LLNN are preparing for the release of their third studio album, Deads, and “Armada” is the first taste of it. The song has a doomy tempo, apocalyptic synths, and vocals straight from the guts. It is a slow venomous machine intent on gradually peeling your nerves away, but not without a fleeting sense of emotion to it. This song is in no hurry; if you dare to take the LLNN ride, then you’re in it for the long haul. You’ll find yourself regaining consciousness in a brief somber interlude, before being pulled back into the enraged palm-muted chug that makes this song so horrifically hypnotic. It’s a beautifully weaved guttural monster.

The track promises a tighter, more refined, evolutionary step in the band’s music, which bodes extremely well for Deads. In 2016, LLNN made a brutal, uncompromising mission statement in their first album Loss, which was accelerated in their 2017 follow-up Marks/Traces. As awesome as those two albums are, there is something about “Armada” that really raises the bar for LLNN. It is the hallmark of a band who are not only proud of their musical identity, but are seeking to find new ways of appeasing their listeners with it.

Deads will be released on April 27th. You can hear all of LLNN‘s previous works on their Bandcamp site. For latest news check out their Facebook page, and to keep in touch with other news from their record label, visit the Pelagic Records site.

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