NEWS: Loathe Release Video For “East Of Eden”

Oh yeah! It’s April 14th, which isn’t only Good Friday this year, but also the release date of UK-based, up and coming deathcore act Loathe‘s début record! The Cold Sun is now available via SharpTone! So what are you waiting for? Well, for those who still need to be convinced, the band released a very awesome music video as well.

Check out the video below:

“East Of Eden” is a heavy and gritty song with a very smashing deathcore attitude. But Loathe are also able to enchant listeners with the beautifully produced clean vocals on top, giving this song a mindblowing overall feeling. Whether it’s the dark ambiance, the insanely heavy and mathy break at the end, or the mindblowing video, it all matches perfectly, especially with the exceedingly hard-hitting sound. The video itself creates a story out of individual black and white paintings. Matching the music, it creates a very organic feeling, contrasting the usual standards of modern (deathcore) productions in a very positive way! This was a lot of work for sure… but damn, it definitely paid off! If you ever waited for a project like Vol/Tures, the collaboration between Structures and Volumes, we have something that comes close to this over here!

Here is what our editor in chief Landon Turlock thinks about the record:

‘Loathe is an incredibly promising band with a unique struggle: they aren’t easily classifiable. They may be too melodic for mainstream deathcore fans, but not technical or ambitious enough for the progressive community. If you wisely dismiss genre classifications, The Cold Sun is an impressive record that pushes heavy music in new directions without sacrificing any elements that make it enjoyable.’

Make sure to read the full review for Loathe‘s The Cold Sun here and follow the band on Facebook! #Loatheasone

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